How To Housebreak A Puppy

Getting a new puppy is fun but it comes with great responsibility. The first task is of course learning how to housebreak them. Having a little buddy to play with is nice but since everything is new to them, it is expected that they would try to go around your house exploring and in most instances, they would probably make some mess.

You would not want that to happen because as much as you love your new puppy, you would want to maintain a clean house and you wouldn’t want them to mess up with your carpet or furniture.

How To Housebreak A PuppyThe first thing that you should understand on how to housebreak a puppy is that you must establish communication with them. You should make them understand the things they do that are fine with you and the things that are not. To establish this, you must be very consistent during your training sessions. Having a new puppy is very exciting and training them is a fun experience. But before you teach them complex tricks, you must start with the basics.

Here are 3 important tips that will help you during the course of housebreaking your puppy.

How To Housebreak A Puppy – 3 Important Tips

Tip #1 – Control their environment

A good way of controlling your puppy’s environment is by using a crate or a certain spot in your house where you can confine them. it’s just like giving your puppy their own bedroom but having a crate is more advisable because you can pick a size that is best for your puppy.

You would want a crate that you can adjust the size so that you won’t have to buy another one when your puppy gets bigger. The appropriate size that you should have is that there should be just enough room for your puppy to stand up and sleep. The reason is that instinctively; dogs would not eliminate in the place where they sleep.

The next thing you should think of is to find a certain spot in your house where you would want them to eliminate. You could use a potty paper or any sheet of paper that you can place inside your house where you would want them to eliminate, but doing this could still be a mess so it is more recommended that you train them to eliminate outside of your house.

Tip #2 Keep a puppy schedule

A puppy would have to do their business around an estimate of an hour up to 2 hours after eating. This means that you must feed them on schedule and take them out on schedule to prevent having a mess. It is best to keep them on schedule while they are young rather than having to deal with future problems. The key to this is consistency.

There are signs that a puppy would do which will signal you that they have to go, so you must watch out for those. Some things that they would do to get your attention is to bark and jump around, turn on circles, or scratching the floor.

But of course, occasional accidents can still happen but always remember that shouting or scolding your puppy is a bad idea. You will just make them afraid of you or uncomfortable to eliminate when you are around.

Tip #3 – High supervision

Puppies usually make mistakes when you are not around because they get easily bored. So when there is no one else to play with, the next thing that they would do is to play around and try to scratch or bite on things.

Getting a new puppy is just like having your own child. During the first few months of having them, make sure that you or some other adult must be around to watch and take care of them. Once they do something inappropriate and no one is around to address that, it would be much harder to make them stop that behavior.

You must also limit their freedom inside the house. Once they get comfortable, that’s also the time when they start making a mess even if you have potty trained and crate trained them. The key is consistency.

You can still play with them inside your house but only for a few minutes. When they get older and they understand their limits, you can slowly give them more freedom to roam around your house without worrying that they would make a mess.